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Like a good neighbor, State Farm is t在这里.® This means State Farm® 常见问题 just may have an answer to your most important questions.


Start 在这里 to find answers to your most common State Farm insurance and online account questions.

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More drivers value State Farm over any other auto insurer. Let us answer your auto insurance questions.

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首页 & 财产

Protect your home and 财产 at a price you can afford. Let us answer your home and 财产 insurance questions.

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State Farm can help you protect your family and their financial future. Let us answer your life insurance questions.

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Let us answer your health quote questions.

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企业 & 组织

Find answers to your account questions for small businesses and 组织 (trusts, 协会, 非营利组织, 等.). 

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Learn more about our new 银行 Alliances and help answer some of your questions regarding those new products and services.

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Let us answer your FAQ's about State Farm Mutual Funds® .

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Take State Farm with you on your mobile device! Let us answer your questions about our mobile apps.

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At State Farm we care about your privacy! Let us answer your questions about how we protect your information.

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Our one-time text alerts and our 发短信 subscriptions keep you in the loop. Let us answer your 发短信 questions.

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